4U2GROW Coaching & Training was founded by Fanny Spruytte in 2010 and is based in The Netherlands.

With our intercultural training programs, intercultural leadership coaching and onboarding coaching for expats, we create strong self-awareness, culture knowledge, strong leadership skills. Our purpose is to create strong human connections and strong businesses.

We deliver worldwide programs / coaching in Dutch – French – English and Mandarin Chinese to companies and individuals.

Fanny was born and raised in Ypres, a small town near the French / Belgian border. At a very young age, Fanny wanted to travel, discover new countries and was specifically interested in Asia. She studied Sinology (Modern and Classical Chinese) at Ghent University and left Belgium in 1992 to study Modern Chinese at the Beijing Language and Arts University. She later on became a China expat.

She met her Dutch / Surinam husband Ramon and in 2001, she moved from China to the Netherlands. The move from China to the Netherlands was more difficult for her than the move from Belgium to China. She was less prepared and assumed that since Belgium and The Netherlands were neighboring countries, they would have little cultural differences. Little did she know that Belgium and The Netherlands were the neighboring countries with the biggest cultural differences.

Since then, raising cultural awareness and developing cultural skills became her passion.

After fulfilling several project management and management positions, she set up her own company 4U2GROW Coaching & Training in 2010. She meanwhile has founded a family with her husband and children and is navigating family life through a blend of Dutch – Surinam – Belgian parenthood culture and Dutch – Surinam – Belgian families.

Client Testimonials

“I was quite sceptical when my employer suggested to take up these coaching sessions when going to the Netherlands for a period of 4 months. I have a lot of intercultural experience so I didn’t really see the benefit. The sessions with Fanny turned out to be full of aspects that I totally didn’t know and actually, the sessions have made a difference in how I work together with my new colleagues in the Netherlands. When they now push back, or are very direct, I don’t take it personal anymore, I listen and then I respond in a much lesser reactive way. ”
Banking employee - January 2024
“The sessions with Fanny helped my wife understanding what she could expect when she moved with our daughter to the Netherlands. It made my wife’s culture shock a lot less, she was prepared and landed very smoothly in her life in the Netherlands. The sessions made my wife feel more confident.”
Banking employee - March 2024
“I had 4 hours of coaching with Fanny. The sessions were great, it gave me lots of insight into my own style and why I was doing things and how that came across. The sessions helped me to clear the air, lower my own frustration and keep the communication with all my teams open. Highly recommended!”
VP - retail company - May 2024
“Our Dutch/Belgian management team had a great day with Fanny. In a safe and fun way, we could from both sides express our differences, our annoyances and frustrations and furthermore we got practical tools to implement after the session. Fanny’s message of there is no right or wrong culture, and the question how are we going to work together really stuck with me. Indeed, there is no right nor wrong, just different.”
HR director, publishing company
“I enjoyed the training with Fanny. She made the training really interactive. She is a seasoned trainer who also involved the more silent participants in the training. She created safety and understanding, and that in a light and motivating way. ”
HR participant, chemical company

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