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    Introduction to
    4U2GROW Coaching en Advies

Our coaching services

We offer one-on-one leadership and communication coaching services for individuals and employees within organizations. Recognize any of the following coaching questions? Then contact us:

- Having trouble to getting your point across in a group

- Feel that you and your team are speaking another language

- You don't feel comfortable in your role but don't know how to make a shift

- How to better work together with your team of different cultures 

- How to atune your leadership style with your personality, team and goals

- How to change your context in your communication style accordingly



4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers online and face-to-face coaching sessions on the following topics:

How to lead yourself 

How to lead your team effectively 

Discovering what leadership style suits you? What do you need to develop? 

How to stretch your comfort zone in your leadership and still remain yourself

The package contains:

- global DISC assessment

- 6 leadership sessions of 1,5 hours

- 6 assignments

Sessions take place 1x per 2 weeks , total length of the program is maximum 6 months.  Each session, we track your improvement. 

Free 30 minutes follow-up session within 3 months after the last session

Price: 1350 euro ex VAT. 


4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers face-to-face coaching on the following topics:

Speaking the same language as your partners

Shifting and using context in communication

Checking whether you are understood and how you understand

Getting better connected to people

Build up your confidence in communication

These sessions are organized face-to-face at a location in Amsterdam or outdoor at the Oosterpark, Amsterdam. 

The package contains: 

- an e-assessment, how do you communicate?

- 4 communication sessions of 1,5 hours 

- 6 assignments

- 2 practice sessions of 1,5 hours: video footage/email samples/speeching/presenting skills 

30 minutes free follow-up session after your last session

Price: 1350 euros ex VAT


4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers leadership and communication coaching in an intercultural context. This is extremely helpful if you come from a different environment (regional, national, business) and want to develop, stretch or learn a new leadership and communication style that suits you. These one-on-one virtual or face-to-face in Amsterdam based sessions can be booked seperately.

Interested and want to know more? Schedule a free half an hour skype call