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    Introduction to
    4u2grow coaching en advies


4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers online and face-to-face leadership training. 

Our programs vary from a  half day to a 16 hour virtual or face-to-face program with possibility for a 3 month online coaching program and/or a global DISC assessment. 

Our approach in leadership training is focusing on the values and world views and what the impact is on our leadership styles. Are what you want and what you do in alignment with each other? How can you use a leadership style which allows you to stretch your comfort zone but still suits you? 



Active since 2004 in intercultural training, Fanny has seen the need of intercultural training develop from a do’s and don’ts approach and theoretical framework to a hands-on, action-oriented training.

Intercultural training sessions offered by 4U2GROW Coaching en Advies are tailor made, action-based and interactive.

We work according to the principle awareness - knowledge - change - action.

We offer our intercultural training programs face-to-face, online and blended with e-learning. 


4U2GROW Coaching en Advies facilitates tailor-made programs on the following topics:

- working remotely in intercultural teams

- intercultural leadership

- intercultural leadership within Dutch culture

- intercultural leadership within Belgian culture

- intercultural leadership within Chinese culture

- how to adjust your leadership style to who you really are?

- intercultural communication within leadership styles

- package: Global DISC + training session + Global quest online 3 month coaching


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