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    4U2GROW Coaching en Advies

4U2GROW Coaching en Advies

4U2GROW Coaching en Advies has been set up by Fanny Spruytte in 2010.  

Fanny is born and raised in Belgium. Her passion for people and cultures drove her to initially study Sinology at the University of Ghent and Chinese at the Beijing Language and Culture University, China. Since 2001, Fanny is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After more than 15 years experience in training, international project management and international headhunting, Fanny set up 4U2GROW Coaching en Advies in 2010.  4U2GROW Coaching en Advies passionately helps global organizations and individuals to improve their intercultural skills and unleash their global leadership potential. Their approach is practical, hands-on, focused on awareness - knowledge - behavioral change. 



Coaching services

4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers online and face-to-face leadership & communication coaching and coaching packages as well as Global DISC assessments  for managers - internationals - expats. 

Training services

4U2GROW Coaching en Advies offers tailor-made leadership training programs and intercultural training programs to online and face-to-face groups. 4U2GROW Coaching en Advies' training approach is looking at the personality, values, world views in combination with leadership and intercultural tools. The emphasis of the training sessions is on putting the knowledge into daily practice. 

Blended learning

4U2Grow Coaching en Advies offers tailor-made blended programs focused on leadership and intercultural skills. The blended programs mix training sessions, online coaching, face-to-face coaching and online assignments. 

What is leadership to you?


4U2GROW Coaching en Advies regularly co-operates with Akteos, KIT Intercultural Professionals, Learnlight. 4U2GROW Coaching en Advies is Global DISC certified by ICQ Global. 


What people say

" Fanny has a warm personality and is a good communicator. She has an open approach that makes you feel comfortable immediately"
"I was hesitant to participate in the intercultural training session but it turned out much better than I had thought it would be. The session was to-the-point, very practical and Fanny is very entertaining, she really makes the context relevant so that you can apply it in your daily work routine"

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